Tanzania Natural Resources Forum (TNRF) is hosting a workshop in Lushoto from today 1st February to 3rd February. More than 10 participants including TFWG members from different organizations have attended this workshop (WWF, JET, SHIVIMITA, MJUMITA, LEAT, MCDI, FARM AFRICA, TRAFFIC, AFRICARE, and TASONABI). The objective of this workshop is to review the Tanzania Forestry Working Group strategy which ended in 2016, assess its implementation and evaluate if the actions are valid or require changes. This will be donewith reference to Mama Misitu evaluation report, TRAFFIC report of 2016and December 2016 MNRT review report to identify and consolidate key issues that may be relevant to a new Tanzania Forestry Working Group strategy.


TNRF guides CSOs and Private Sector in identification of common areas of concern regarding Conservation, Anti-poaching and Tourism in Tanzania

On 23rdand 24thof January 2017, TNRF hosted a meeting in Babati with CSOs, private sector, NGOs, Government, researchers and conservationists. The main objective of the meeting was to have dialogue on the common areas of concern among CSOs and Private Sector regarding conservation, anti-poaching and tourism around which advocacy agendas were developed. This was a sub-activity under the PROTECT Project main activity: "Engaging Civil Society Organizations and Private Sector in developing advocacy agendas".

Wildlife Working Group: 

Evolution of Natural Resource Programs Performance Management in Tanzania: A Review of Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Aspects and Policy Recommendations

This paper intends to inform project management specialists and researchers about natural resource management (NRM) projects/programs performance management through a monitoring, evaluation and learning lens in Tanzania. The review collected information from sample natural resource management programs/projects in Tanzania through personal communication (primary information) and a deskwork review (secondary information).

Pillars of the community: How trained volunteers defend land rights in Tanzania

By Godfrey Massay

Training volunteers to help their communities defend their land rights has proved an effective approach for promoting land justice in Tanzania. This report documents how Hakiardhi, a Dar-es-Salaam based research institute working on land governance issues, has established and trained a 600-strong network of male and female ‘Land Rights Monitors’ (LRMs) operating in 300 villages on various aspects of the land law, so they can help people and local governments to exercise and ensure respect for their legal rights in land disputes. While this approach can be used to tackle different types of land conflicts, this report focuses primarily on examples related to the impact of large-scale land-based investments.


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