Hon. Jumanne Maghembe (minister of natural resources and tourism) launched the study report on revisiting traffic’s 2007 recommendations to improve forest governance in Tanzania

On 30th August 2016, the Mama Misitu Campaign (MMC) in collaboration with Tanzania Forest Working Group hosted by Tanzania Natural Resource Forum (TNRF) conducted the National Forest Governance Hearing where  the study report on “Revisiting TRAFFIC’S 2007 Recommendations To Improve Forest governance in Tanzania’ was officially launched. The national forest governance hearing brought together various stakeholders such as village communities, timber traders, representative from the local and central government, NGOs and private sector organizations.


Proceedings of the 3rd National CBNRM Forum, 2016

On 26th May 2016, the Tanzania Natural Resource Forum (TNRF) organized the 3rd National CBNRM Forum in Tanzania. The main objective of the National CBNRM forum has always bee to provide a platform for multi-stakeholder exchange of information, sharing experiences and agreeing on a common course for the success of CBNRM in Tanzania.


PUBLIC NOTICE - Public Consultation on National Forest Stewardship Standard (NFSS) for mainland Tanzania

                                PUBLIC NOTICE 

Public Consultation on National Forest Stewardship Standard (NFSS) for mainland Tanzania

Tanzania is in the process of developing National Forest Stewardship Standards (NFSS) based on the Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC) certification system. An application to develop national forest stewardship standards for Tanzania was submitted by the Standards Development Group (SGD) to FSC International and was approved in 2015.  Through collaboration and support from World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Tanzania Country Office, as well as technical and financial support from the FSC Sub-regional Office for East Africa, the SDG completed the first draft of the NFSS in May 2016. 


During the month of June 2016, the standards were tested in the field - in both plantations and native forests in Iringa and Kilwa, respectively. A third draft has as a result been completed and is ready for stakeholders’ consultation.  


MEL Strategy Workshop

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Strategy Workshop took place between 18th and 22nd July.

The participants of this training workshop were from various institutions that will be involved in the implementation of the Decentralized Climate Finance Programme in one way or another.  Among the institutions at this workshop include: PORALG, IRDP, LGTI, Hakikazi Catalyst, TNRF, IIED TMA and the Focal persons from Monduli, Ngorongoro and Longido Districts.

The stakeholders were trained on various areas of M&E, which include:



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