The 3rd National CBNRM Forum, Tanzania

Theme: “There is more to be done to fully unlock wildlife potentials in Tanzania”

Introduction and Background:

  1. This May, TNRF is set to host the 3rdNational CBNRM Forum in Tanzania following its Launch and Approval of CBNRM Stocktaking Report in 2012.
  2. TNRF begun a process to establish a series of dialogues on Community Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) with the aim of providing a platform for multi-stakeholder exchange of information and agreeing on a common course for CBNRM success in Tanzania. In 2012, TNRF undertook a stocktaking exercise of CBNRM in forestry, fisheries and Wildlife in Tanzania which also recommended the need for establishing a national level platform named National CBNRM forum to help disseminate information on CBNRM success stories, share experiences and promote a greater understanding of the actions and enabling environment on CBNRM that can lead to improved social, economical and environmental benefits. While facilitating engagement at the national level, TNRF has also joined a regional civil society network on CBNRM issues, called Southern Africa CBNRM Forum (SACF) whose secretariat is based in Lusaka-Zambia. Joining SACF helps to promote South-to-South exchange on CBNRM issues and experience. Similar efforts are also made to promote South-to-North linkages through exchange dialogues.
  3. To further promote CBNRM among other tasks, TNRF and WWF Tanzania through its Coastal East Africa Initiative entered a 3-years partnership programme on Land and forest-based investments programme on forest and land-based investments in Tanzania (2014-2017). The programme is geared towards building constructive dialogue with wide range of stakeholders including private sector, Government, civil society organizations to address and contribute to responsible investments on land and forests. With funds from WWF-Finland, among others, the partnership programme provide for support to hold National CBRNM fora in Tanzania.
26 May 2016 - 8:30am to 4:00pm
National College of Tourism, Bustani Campus
Shaaban Robert Street
Dar es salaam
Phone: +255 784 252 495

MCDI wins Whitley Fund for Nature Award

Healthy forests are havens for biodiversity, provide a lifeline for billions of rural people worldwide, and play a vital role in mitigating global climate change. The value of our work to conserve these important habitats has now been recognised internationally. Singled out among more than 130 applicants, MCDI's CEO - Makala Jasper, was presented an award for International Nature Conservation by the Whitley Fund for Nature at their annual ceremony in London yesterday.

" Winning this award means a lot to us. It means MCDI can expand our work to an entirely new area - the first step to connect existing community forests and their wildlife with one of Africa's largest protected areas" - Makala Jasper



Illegal Logging in Tanzania: Governance, Opportunities and Challenges
There has been substantial changes in the forestry sector that have also brought in new experiences, challenges and lessons. Some of these developments include the establishment and operationalization of Tanzania Forest Service (TFS), re-focused Forestry and Beekeeping Division (FDB) and increased land and forest based investments such as plantation and local communities‟ forestry. Despite this being the case, studies shows that the emphasis on collecting relevant logging and timber trade statistics and information management at the national level, had declined in the years previous to 2006, due to other priorities within MNRT.

CSO-LPI Platform Thematic Papers Validation Workshop in Addis Ababa 18th - 19th April 2016

Through its Pastoralist Programme, TNRF is participating in a side event in the run up to the UN-GGIM 4th High Level Forum on “Good land governance for the 2030 Agenda” hosted by the UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on 18th – 19th April 2016.  The conference is organized in partnership with the Land Policy Initiative (LPI) at the UNECA as a side event that brings together fellow professionals from government, the private sector, academia and policy circles.

The overall objective of this workshop will be to create a space for the working groups to discuss issue papers, validate them and agree on advocacy strategy for emerging land issues.

The specific objectives of the meeting will be to:

  • Share presentations from the 6 thematic group leaders and identify the key messages for advocacy
  • Inform the group of the developments at and activities of the LPI, AU, RECs and other bodies working around land issues
  • Plan a workable strategy for the operationalization of the CSO-LPI thematic groups
  • Consolidate membership and member commitments
  • Approve a set of advocacy positions for the CSO-LPI platform
  • Update the 2-year action plan, fundraising strategy and roles and responsibilities.


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