Background on the Informal Discussion Group on the Environment

IDGE history and "revitalization"

IDGE was established in early 1990s as the Informal Donor Group for the Environment. In 2000, it was reformed as "Informal Discussion Group for the Environment". This name change emphasized that IDGE is not a donor group. Various partners have supported IDGE since 2000, including WCST, TRAFFIC-Tanzania, NORAD, USAID and DANIDA, and (most recently) IUCN.

Due largely to resource constraints, IDGE has not been operational in several years. During several meetings and informal discussions it was confirmed that there is still demand for IDGE. In response, IUCN, in collaboration with TNRF and other partners are revitalizing the group. We welcome your comments and suggestions (

Contact us

If you would like to join IDGE, or have questions or comments to share with us, please contact the IDGE Secretariat at

NB: The IDGE is currently be revitalized, and as part of this process group members are discussing and updating its profile. The description above should be understood as provisional, based on the 2000 profile and the draft "revitalized" 2009 profile.