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Best Practice of the Village Land Act in Iringa and Chemba District

The year 2016, marks 15th anniversary of the implementation of the Village Land Act. This is a piece of legislation which regulates governance and administration of village lands in Tanzania. TNRF has contributed the implementation process in the areas of land rights awareness raising, land use planning, institutional strengthening and recognition of women land rights. These are well captured this documentary.
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Contribution of Pastoralism to the National Economy

TNRF in-collaboration and care international with support from Irish aid through Pastoralist programme has produced a TV spot that demonstrate contribution of pastoralism to the national economy. The TV spot will be aired in national TV – TBC1 commencing on 15thJanuary until 15th March 2016 consecutively and will be around 6pm to 9pm.

Pastoralist Programme (PP) is one of the programmes implemented by TNRF. The programme is implemented in partnership with CARE and is a four year project funded by Irish Aid.  The programme is implemented through registered Tanzanian civil society organizations (CSOs) or community based organizations (CBOs) that work to improve the capacity of communities to overcome poverty, reduce vulnerability and strengthen the rights of men and women for sustainable livelihoods.

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Natural Resource Forum Event and Tanzania Natural Resource Forum AGM (6th and 7th November, 2015) held successfully


Land allocation as a challenge in villages in Tanzania: observations from a trainer

By Masalu Elias Luhula - TNRF | September, 2015


Administration and Management of land at village level is well provided within the Village Land Act, 1999. The Act gives mandate of administration and Management of village land to two Authorities, the Village Council and the Village Assembly.

The Village Council is the authority entrusted with management and administration of village land on behalf of villagers in the village. The Village Council has the power to allocate land available in the village land. Allocation of land out of the village land affects interest in land of villagers and the village as a whole. Therefore the law requires that, the village council get approval of the Village Assembly. In my view, the law considered the true spirit of land as a public property and the legal principle of public interest in land matters.


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