UN-REDD's Comments on the Draft National REDD Strategy

UN-REDD Programme

During the commenting period, UN-REDD provided feedback to the Secretariat to the National REDD Task Force on the Draft National Strategy.  They provided general comments on the strategy as well as specific comments with reference to the text.

Read all their comments here.


Policy Framework for Pastoralism in Africa

Pastoralism in Africa

In October 2010 the African Union, Department of Rural Economy and Agriculture, published “Policy Framework for Pastoralism in Africa: Securing, Protecting and Improving the Lives, Livelihood and Rights of Pastoralist Communities.”  This is the first continent-wide policy initiative aimed at securing, protecting and improving the lives, livelihoods and rights of African pastoralists.


REDD Pilot Projects Comment on National Strategy

Tanzanian REDD pilot projects submitted their officialfeedback to the National REDD Task Force on the Tanzania National REDD Strategy.  

Download their recommendations here.


World Bank offers to fund alternative route to Road through Serengeti


On March 1st, the World Bank's Country Director for Tanzania, John S. Adams, sent a letter to President Kikwete announcing the World Bank's offer to fund an alternative route to the proposed major road that would cut through Serengeti National Park. The proposed alternate route that the World Bank is ready to fund, is a southern road that would pass south of the Park.

Read the entire letter here.



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