Engagement with investors to address sustainable forestry management

This week, TNRF is participating in a workshop on ‘New Generation Plantations Platform (NGP) for Responsible Plantation Forestry in South Africa and Africa" in Durban, South Africa. The workshop is part of the New Generation Plantations Project managed by WWF in partnership with wide range of other stakeholders. The NGP provides a platform for stakeholders to discuss issues pertaining to plantations forestry. This year's workshop has drawn private sector and other stakeholders from across globe underpin opportunities and share lessons on plantation forestry and locally controlled forestry. Apart from TNRF, Tanzania is represented by participants from Green Resources and WWF - Tanzania.

It is increasingly becoming imperative that private sector should be involved in finding solutions to improve ‘forestry governance' and address ‘responsible investments in forestry.' This will only be realized if there is multi-stakeholder involvement at all levels and ensure lessons sharing across countries of similar context. TNRF in partnership with WWF-CEAI will continue to build relations with private sector in Tanzania and across the East Africa region and NGP will provide an initial platform for engagement. This month, for example, TNRF will be facilitating the debate on the role of private sector in improving forestry governance with the aim of generating lessons across and along wide range of stakeholders. This debate is expected to add understanding of avenues to work and engage with private sector.