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Tanzania Natural Resource Forum (TNRF) through financial support from its members Tanzania Forest Conservation Group (TFCG) and Mpingo Conservation Development Initiative (MCDI), hosted a Tanzania Forest Working Group (TFWG) meeting in Edema Hotel Morogoro from 15th-17th March 2022.
The objective of the meeting was to discuss issues related to Natural Resources management and propose to join actions for 2022, share experiences and lessons from TFWG members, and bring others members into national policy dialogues related to Community-based Natural Resources Management. 
The meeting brought TFWG members TNRF, MCDI, WWF, MJUMITA, TFCG, FORVAC, IUCN, Policy Forum, LEAT, JET, DAR NATURE, TASONABI, FSZ, AFRICARE, and journalist networks, experts, and foresters. Members also discussed how they can engage effectively with government stakeholders on how CBFM fuels rural development in Tanzania based on the case studies".